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“[The Internet] is back ALRIGHT!”


I know I have this tendency to disapear for chuncks of time, and I truly do appologize for that, it hasn’t been super long this time, so we’re good still right? This time it legitimately was not my fault. My internet was not working for some odd reason (lots of phone calls and service calls later) and its back up, then this past week I’ve been insanely busy with finishing up on school assignments (some of which are late because I refused to stay extra long at school when my internet was out). So, now that I finally have a bit of downtime today (I get to watch my TV shows tonight too that I’m behind on) I figured I better get these posts up and running again!

On a very positive and uplifting note however, I now have almost two full weeks of daily posts planned out for y’all! Yay! I have some fitness things to discuss, some monthly goals to go over, some to create…And the baking!

OH the baking! My oh my! I’ve made THREE things this week already, cookies and strawberry cheesecake bites, I plan on baking again Friday, I have a tea party to go to on Tuesday I’ll need to bake for, and then the following weekend is my work Christmas party (haha I know… don’t ask) and I plan on baking TWO things for that… so… yea. Prepare yourselves!

So I’m going to TRY and go in order of how things happened, how my posts would have turned out had I been able to get on the internet from home, or enough time to focus on my blog instead of the copius amounts of homework… But alas, it catches up. I will do my best. And I promise it will be epic though. Especially the baking.

Gotta love the baking.

I promise I will post again tonight, my first recipe for the week, but unfortunately, I do not have the recipe on me at the moment as I’m in class and supposed to be paying attention to my professor.

I love y’all for hanging around while I went on a temporary hiatus, and I promise it won’t happen again (at least not until finals come around in April :P)

Hearts all around! ❤



“Everybody’s Dancing, Dancing Crazy, And We Never Stop…”

Oh man, first off, just let me say – what a CRAZY week. I honestly don’t know how I was ever able to say I was busy before… University is insane, and now that I’m actually, truly trying this year, it really is that much more intense. I’m still not done either, that’s the worst part. I have an essay due Friday, one due Monday, and an assignment thing I forgot about that’s due Monday… then exams next week… sigh.

Anywho, I don’t mean to rant, forgive me for that. I’m surviving so that’s all that matters, and I’ve still managed to make some time for a few episodes of “Breaking Bad”. I’ve had a couple people suggest to me that I should watch it, and let me tell you, so far I have not been disappointed. I’m currently on Season 2, episode 5 (watching it as I write this actually) and I love every minute. It can get a little, grotesque, at times, and there is a bit of a controversy going on right now about the amount of violence in it, but the story is awesome. It’s about a high school science teacher who starts making and selling meth (which just for the record I’m not promoting, so don’t get the wrong idea) to make some extra money for his family after he discovers he has cancer. The plot’s great, the actions awesome, I love it.

Now, on a more, goal oriented, blog related topic – I’ve decided to start giving myself monthly goals, in an attempt to keep myself more focused on things. I’ve been thinking  about ways to make the blog a bit better, and this seemed a good idea. Monthly challenges for myself, from myself, or even from others to me.

So feel free to suggest any goals you think I should try – monthly or larger. I’m opening myself up for suggestions; recipes I should try, books I should read, movies I should see, future things you’d like me to talk about. Name it, and I’ll do my best to deliver – heck, maybe I’ll start a ‘Challenge Blog’ once I get a few more frequent followers… you give me a challenge and I’ll try my hardest to come through. 🙂

But for now I’m going to post my own monthly goals up for myself and see how that goes, I’ll get them up on either the first or second of each month (December’s goals will be up tomorrow sometime, simply because it’s after one in the morning and I’m exhausted) so keep an eye out – and I’ll update throughout the month on what I get done. 🙂