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“You’re my Cuppy-Cake, Gum Drop, Snoogums, Boogums, You’re… the Apple of my Eye…”

Oh my Gosh guys!

I have officially made it a full week without buying any Tim Horton’s! I am beyond impressed with myself…. I didn’t even really need to think twice today when I walked past the Tim Horton’s on campus! One week! I feel like I deserve a badge or something to commemorate the moment or something… I haven’t even been drinking that much homemade tea to make up for it…

I’ve also decided to add something else to my bucket list. “Take a Cake Decorating Class”. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how much I actually enjoy baking… and then when I was watching Two Broke Girls today (love the show) they took a decorating class for their cupcake business. Now, I was joking around with my 12 year old cousin last week when she showed me the 40 cupcakes she decorated in 15 minutes, these are them…

Anywho, I was joking around with her that I should drop out of school, open a bakery, and hire her on to do the decorating…. but then I remembered she’s 12 and I should probably encourage her to stay in school so her mom and dad don’t get mad at me.

But the point is,  it did get me thinking. I could never do something that cool, unless maybe if I took a class. Maybe I’ll see if she wants to go with me. I’m looking into classes though around the city and hopefully I’ll find a good decorating class (for a good student affordable price) that I can go to. It’d be nice to have someone go with me though, so I’ll have to look into that too. Scheduling multiple people is so frustrating though.

Anywho, I hope you enjoy the mouth watering picture of cupcakes, and I’d like to thank everyone who liked yesterdays blog. I had a record breaking number of views yesterday, and my friend was ecstatic that so many people ‘liked’ the post her drawing was featured in. I don’t see why, it’s an amazing sketch.

Ta-ta for now!


“If You’re Happy and You Know it Shout Hooray!”


Guess what!?

I said ‘no!’ to potato chips today! I get it’s not a huge deal, but to me it is. Potato Chips… Mrs. Vickies salt and vinegar mainly, are my downfall. I have major issues with chips. Buuuuut I. Said. No. 😀 Proud moment for me ok.

Instead today I made myself a lovely haddock fillet with brown rice for dinner. And an incredible strawberry smoothie for a late breakfast (since I overslept a bit more than I should have). It was a really good supper though, and like I said I’d do in my resolutions, I turned the tv off while I was eating my dinner, and focused only on it. Little by little I’m going to get myself back on track to a healthy eating habit. Baby steps.

I also didn’t buy any Tim Horton’s today… put $1.60 in my Jar instead and made a tea. 🙂

The highlight of my day however, TurboJam. Today was the first time I’ve gotten all of the moves completely right the first time, and didn’t have to slow down a lot because I was tired. Not saying I wasn’t tired or sweating like a pig, but I pushed myself through it and didn’t give up. I just hope I can keep it up. I know I can.

Other than that today wasn’t too interesting. I went back to classes today at McMaster. I only made 1 of 4 of them…. but it was the most important one. *blushes* In all honesty, my mom was sick most of the night and in the morning, and I can only get my grandma to stay with her for so long, so I chose my afternoon class instead of the morning, because I get participation marks for the afternoon class. It was fun going back though! I got to see some of my cool people, not everyone, and not for long, but I did get to see some cool people.

Also, here’s a treat for you, my friend just got this necklace for her birthday, I think it’s incredible. It’s not this exact necklace, but very similar. Enjoy. 

“When you’re Fifteen, Feeling Like There’s Nothing to Figure Out…”

Hey all! Guess what! Today’s my FIFTEENTH post! I feel excited! Thank you everyone who’s been following me and reading my posts every day! I hope I can continue to entertain you, and hopefully entertain you better as I get even more familiar with blogging! Y’all are great!

So, the last couple of days, I’ve been trying to organize a few things in my life; trying to figure out a more concrete workout schedule for when school starts back up, figuring out what readings I should start doing for the new semester, New Years plans, Christmas plans with my sisters, organizing my closet (ok, so I dumped all the clothes on the bed today and then something came up, so now they’re all piled beside the closet/in the closet, I’ll need to finish that in the AM). Another thing I’ve been looking at closely is new ways to save up some money (I have every intention to start the Tim Horton’s save jar… I have a clear one now, so seeing the money inside inspires me to keep going).

I’ve also been paying close attention to ways to save a bit on Christmas gifts this year. (Hence all the baking experiments) No Hippopotamus for me this year the way my bank account looks! I don’t have a lot of gifts I actually need to buy, but I also haven’t had a busy work schedule with school, so between the cell phone and groceries, my Christmas budget is pretty minimal.

On my quest, one website I found is called DailyFeats. It combines two of my (currently) favourite things; goal setting, and savings. DailyFeats is a website that rewards you with a giftcard when you acomplish so many goals. The goals range everywhere from ‘iworkout’ to ‘playwithyourpet’, to ‘includesomeone’…. the list goes on. There are so many categories, work, fitness, meals, friends, children (I saw one for ‘tuckinyourkid’) the lists go on. For each feat you accomplish, you get a point, and when you accumulate so many points, you redeem them for gift cards (the values of points and values of gift cards vary). They have a wide variety of gift cards as well, starbucks, bowling, restaurant savings, concert savings, and even charities you can donate to. I really enjoy the site, I’ve been on it for two days and I’ve already accumulated $16 worth of points.

I also saved a bit of money on my phone/internet bill by calling the company, they looked up the amount of internet the house uses on a daily basis, and turns out they were able to cut our internet down from 4GB to 2GB because we were paying for a ton of GB that we don’t use – I think we saved over $20 a month doing that – so I strongly suggest you check in with your internet provider and see how many GB you use and need…. saves a bit of money for sure. We also saved some money on a few tv channels we didn’t even know we recieved. So take a closer look at your bill and give the company a call.

Those are probably two of the best tips I can give right now, if I find more I will DEFINITELY share them with you. Please feel free to do the same – pun intended.

As for my nightly Christmas Movie, tonight I watched ‘Stealing Christmas’ about a bank robber who, while posing as a Santa in a small town while planning to break into the bank, has a sudden change of heart and, well… turns into a really good story. It’s a great story about family, community, and romance, with the right mix of humour to help out. So go check it out!

“Giddy On Up and Giddy On Out…”

So guess who gets to cross something off her bucket list!? This girl right here, that’s who!

I had an incredible time last night, and, I got to ride a mechanical bull! One of my best friends, Emily, took me out to a bar in town that has a mechanical bull, Dirty Dogs. It was a total blast! The stairs at work today, which happen to be quite steep already, were so painful to climb though! But other than that no harm done. It really was just a lot of awesomeness, and I can’t wait to go back. I need to out-do my personal record of… drum roll please…………12.7 seconds! Hahaha

Riding the Bull

Anywho, I had an awesome time, with great friends, and got home late and got up early for work and it was all just so great. McMaster University’s football team also won the Vanier Cup last night, and the Toronto Maple Leafs won the hockey game…. it was just an overall great night. In case you haven’t gotten that yet.

Today was less exciting (I honestly had butterflies in my stomach all day yesterday), but it will be a more exciting day then tomorrow, as all I have to work on tomorrow is homework, essays, and readings. One more week of school….one more week of school…. anywho, I’ll appreciate work today as I won’t like all the stuff I need to work on tomorrow. I should probably organize my room better too…

Anywho, I wanted to update you all on my bucket list accomplishment, and I honestly recommend you get out there and try a mechanical bull (just do a google search for mechanical bull bars in your city). It’s just the right amount of adrenaline rush you need to get those bucket list accomplishments started!