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Bucket List

For those of you who have read the ‘About Me’ section of my blog, you’ll know that I’ve stopped myself from doing a lot of things before simply because it was ‘the safe way out’… but as of lately I’ve really realized that life’s too short, and I should be living it to the fullest and taking chances and doing things that will make me happy. So, without further ado, here is my bucket list (which I will most likely add to as I discover more things)

In no particular order:

1.  Go Camping: All out, TBB camping – Tent, Beer, Bonfire – none of that ‘rent a cabin’ stuff. I want to pitch a tent in the middle of nowhere and just kill a weekend doing nothing.

2. Ride a Mechanical Bull: I’ve seen this in movies, it looks amazing. Then I discovered there’s a bar in my city that has a mechanical bull, and that I have friends that have ridden it. They speak of pure awesomeness. UPDATE: It was amazingly fun! New goal, beat record of 12.7 seconds!

Learn How to Play Guitar: My dad tried to teach me when I was younger, I think I learnt 3 notes… It was a long time ago though, and when he passed away we let my uncle have his guitar since the two of them always used to play together. I love music though, but sadly can’t carry a tune to save my life (you can ask my mom – I was the kid that sat in the back seat of the car whenever we went up North and sang at the top of my lungs with my walkman on….for the whole 2 1/2 hour trip) so I’d love to learn an instrument like guitar.

Go to an NHL Game: I’ve never been, I want to go see one in person. Simple as that. Oh, and GO LEAFS GO!

Go Skydiving: Something else I see in movies a lot, that looks like a lot of fun. I’ve also met a few people who have tried it. I know I’d want to chicken out, but one day I’ll find someone who will force me to get on the plane – no turning back once you’re up there.

Go on a Roadtrip: My friends and I have always talked about this, ever since we were little. Cram into a car with my best friends, and just drive. See where we end up. Cross country anyone?

Go Skinny Dipping: Apparently it’s something everyone must experience at least once. Why not.

All-Night Party: Party till the early morn, then hit up McDonalds on the way home to sleep all day. I’ve never really done it before, and I just think it’s something fun, that I need to get out of my system while I’m still young enough to deal with it.

Watch a sunrise: I’ve done this once before when I was little and up at my grandparents cottage. I don’t remember it too well, because frankly, at the time I could have cared less (I was like 8.) Now it’s something I would really like to see. Maybe right before a run, or sitting on a roof somewhere with someone.

10. Go on
 a Midnight Picnic: Ok, this may sound lame, but something about a picnic at night seems, entertaining, to me.

11. S
wim with Dolphins: Who wouldn’t want to do this? It just sounds incredible.

Sleep Under the Stars: See number one. Take away the tent.

13. Go on a Cruise: I know so many people that have been on cruises, and they seemed to have so much fun. Note to self: don’t watch Titanic within the six months prior to the cruise.

Go to a Drive-in Movie: Seems simple, but I’ve never been, it’s just one of those things that seems interesting to me.

Get a Tattoo or Piercing: My family has always been a bit…old fashioned… when it comes to tattoos and things. When my guy cousin’s got tattoos, it was cool, if any of us girls brought up even thinking of one, we were insane. But ever since my dad passed away I’ve wanted to get one as a memory of him – though I’m sure if he was still here he wouldn’t approve – and after my grandfather passed away I planned out a tattoo for myself – a monarch butterfly (in memory of my dad) sitting on a pussy-willow branch (in memory of my grandfather). But that’s about all I know – and location is key, so I need to put more thought into that first.

Go Parasailing: It just looks like so much fun! Gliding in the sky like a bird? Yes please!

Go to Vegas: Hello twenty-first birthday? Maybe. The Hangover Part 3. 😀

18. Write a Novel:
This is something I’ve wanted to do since I was little. I’ve started the same story about four times, and I still have the plan in my head – now it’s just finding the time to write.

19. Learn to Rollerblade:
Still something I haven’t done. This summer I bought rollerblades though. So, it’s a start. Who wants to teach me.

20. Run a Marathon:
Although I haven’t run for a while, I’ve always loved it. It just feels so good afterwards, so I want to try and get myself really working on running regularly, and run a marathon one day – just to prove to myself that I can.

21. Las Vegas Sky Jump: I saw this on Lesley Carter’s blog. It’s a skyjump/free fall and it looks absolutely exhilarating. Hey now, I could kill two birds with one stone if I go to Vegas! 108 floors up, and you jump. Simple as that.

22. Take a Cake Decorating Class: I’ve really discovered a fondness for baking as of lately, and I’d love nothing more than to take a class to teach me proper techniques for decorating. Let’s face it, last time I made cupcakes, I took icing with me to school and let people dip the cupcakes in it. It’s really just a fun passion I’m getting, and I think taking a cake decorating class could really be a lot of fun, and who knows, it may even lead to more!

23. Be Someone’s Maid of Honour: I know that I have a good chunk of friends who’s weddings I will be lucky enough to be in… but I do hope that one day I can hold a special place at someone’s wedding… plan a bachelorette party, bridal shower, help with the rough details…


6 responses to “Bucket List

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  2. lesleycarter November 23, 2011 at 1:27 pm

    I love your list, especially number one!

    Good luck and let me know how it goes.


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  4. Subhakar Das January 4, 2012 at 12:30 am

    Very doable bucket list. Good luck.

  5. Jess February 1, 2012 at 5:48 pm

    This summer, this bucket list is going to have so many things crossed off 🙂

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