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Oh I'm just a girl on a mission…

“Blame it on the Mistletoe, What Happened There Nobody Knows…”


Soooo it’s Wednesday, middle of the week, another day closer to Christmas (10 more days!)

To mark today, let’s do a Challenge update:

1) Cook Healthier: Ok, I’ll admit, not doing the greatest on this one, I have been EATING healthier, more fruits and veggies, less chips and pop…. but cooking, well…. not really. I did make macaroni and cheese the other day though from scratch, and a chicken and vegetable pie… that was pretty healthy I guess.

2) Tone up fro Christmas: I got another great workout in today, so that’s good, slow and steady.

3) Save Time Hortons Money: Haha…ha… yeaaaaaa…. About that….

4) Stories: I haven’t written any new stories, but I have been editing/re-aquainting myself with my fanfiction trilogy so I can finish it this month… so, kind of getting in more writing. But to be fair, I took a mini break after the week and a half of straight essays I had. Lol

5) Try at least three new recipes: Well I did the hot chocolate truffles… and the whie hot chocolate truffles? But I guess we’ll count that as one. Then the shortbread cookies I made are two…. and the other shortbread cookies? Well, We’re going to say two, I’m sure I’ll fit something else in before New Years!

6) Read Some Good Books: Yea, no. I’m sorry. I’ve been too busy consuming my free time with baking and Christmas movies.

7) Try Some New Hair Styles: I’ve done this a bit… crunched my hair the other day because it was raining, and when ever I walk home in the rain my hair curls a bit, but by the time I got to school it had stopped raining and it kinda looked pathetic (my hair)… planning on a different type of braid tomorrow though 🙂

8) Photography: I’ve done this! What I can at least… still waiting for some snow…. Check it out!

9) Daily Christmas Movies: I’m on top of this one and y’all know it! Today’s Daily Christmas Movie: Holiday Engagement! It’s about a girl who hires a ‘fake fiancee’ after hers breaks up with her to advance his career. The break up comes a week before Thanksgiving, where her entire family is anxiously waiting to meet the long awaited fiancee. Her mother is very adamant about all three of her daughters being in relationships, and naturally, all hilarity breaks out when David is hired to pretend to be her fiancee Jason. It’s an incredible movie! One of my new favourites! Go check it out y’all!

On a side note, I also got to watch Glee’s Christmas special/midseason finale. That was really enjoyable as well.


4 responses to ““Blame it on the Mistletoe, What Happened There Nobody Knows…”

  1. Kaitlin December 15, 2011 at 12:28 am

    Ha. That movie does sound pretty silly. Kinda like the one with the chick that has to get married or be deported.

  2. Life as Mia December 15, 2011 at 1:34 pm

    Its nice to see that someone has made a list… I just go with it. (Aka nothing gets done!)

    Today I made a ”pass it on” blog, with some christmas spirit in me I guess, that made me run around the house and vacuume and wash the floors.. 😀 My mom was amazed and stoked at the same time.. She thought I was ill or something, or atleast that I broke something, and wanted to make up for it, but no mom, nothing is broken, and im not ill. 😉 I just wanted to give the holiday cheer to someone else, and make them happy.

    Love that you made a list. I might have to do that!
    Liked and followed.. Rly cool post.
    Mia from Denmark!

    • Just a girl... December 15, 2011 at 10:18 pm

      That’s why I had to make a list, nothing got done any other way. 😛 I’m sure your mom appreciated you cleaning the house – I know the reaction your mom must have had, my mom has it all the time. She doesn’t get that sometimes I just feel like cleaning lol
      I really like that you were paying forward the Christmas cheer! That’s so nice! It reminds me of the movie pay it forward! Such a good movie.
      Thanks so much for following!

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