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“Red Solo Cup, I Fill You Up… Let’s Have a Party”

So first off, let’s start with yesterday’s Christmas movie of the day – Santa Baby. Such a good movie! I’ve always loved it, but it was so hard to get a copy of it. Good movie though. It’s about Santa’s businesswoman daughter who decides to take over the North Pole after her dad gets sick…. and, well, chaos assumes. Quite the funny movie. I also watched the ACA’s last night (American Country Awards), and Toby Keith (love the guy) won Artist of the Decade, and performed his new song, Red Solo Cup. Which coincidentally, Glee is doing a cover of tonight too. It’s awesome.

Today, I’ve been doing a ton of Christmas baking with my mom and grandma. We made sugar cookies and shortbread cookies, and I got to use a cookie gun for the first time ever. Quite the little bug it is… but I got the hang of it eventually. We’re just waiting for some of the shortbread cookies to cool so we can dip the end in chocolate.

Sugar Cookies

First time using the cookie gun....



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