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“Love is More Than Just a Game for Two…”

Alright, so, first off – let me apologize in advance for any grammar errors, spelling errors, repetitiveness or sentences that don’t make sense – I’ve been in essay writing mode all day, and I can almost guarantee on days that I have essays or exams, I can’t speak or form proper sentences for anything other than the essay or test I’m focussing on… so I’m sorry if something doesn’t exactly make sense. Also, on that note, today’s blog post song title, is also the title of my essay that is killing me I am working on right now. Lucky me got to do love poems! -.-

Now that that’s out of the way – as promised, December Challenges are here! This is my December Challlenges to myself of things I hope will conquer before the month is through. These, like my bucket list, are in no particular order, although I’m sure I will be more eager to follow some through first.

December Challenges:

Cook Healthier: I have this great little recipe book I found, and I got some great suggestion recipes from my TurboJam workout book, so many yummy and healthy things. I used to be a great eater, but then life kicked in and once I started slacking and grabbing more take-out, I got my sweet and salty tooth back… and well, bags of chips started to be inhaled. But lately I’ve really noticed the lack of energy I’ve had (and sure I can blame school and work for a lot of it) but I also know I’m the laziest when I have an empty bottle of sprite sitting on the counter.

Tone up for Christmas: I found this really cute dress last month when I was looking for a few last minute Halloween costume things, and I absolutely fell in love with it. I actually bought it in two colours… I decided right away though that I would wear the red one for Christmas, but I do feel like I need to tone up a bit beforehand, or I’m gonna be tugging at the hem the whole night. But this should help with my energy level too though, as I always get a rush right after a workout.

Save Tim Horton’s Money: Hello, my name is Kim and I’m a Tim Horton’s Addict. [Hi Kim!] It used
to be just their tea’s – That Large double double with milk – so comforting, but then they introduced Strawberry Banana smoothies! And just when I thought I kicked that habit and started making my own smoothies, they introduced white hot chocolate! My mom actually challenged me on this one – “Save whatever change you would have spent at Tim Horton’s for one month, put it in a jar, and see how much you save up”. So. I punched a hole in the top of a mason jar, and each time I get the craving, I’m going to put whatever money I would spend, in the mason jar! Challenge. Accepted.

Write Some Stories: I used to write a lot on my fanfiction.net account…. then I stopped. This is not ok. I also have a few plans for my own writing that I would really like to attempt to get down on some form of paper before the end of this year (which coincidentally is the end of this month, so, yea)

Try at Least Three New Recipes: It’s Christmas time, and I know this kind of goes against my whole ‘cook healthy and get fit’ ideas slightly, but not all recipes are sugar loaded… I can try some nice alternatives. Or, I can just bake for someone else… Hello Christmas dinner with the fam jam! My friend also gave me a recipe for cream cheese filled pumpkin muffins…they look yummy!

Read Some Good Books: I have a few I should read for school, Moby Dick, The Colour Purple, Midnight’s Children, but there are a couple I have that I want to read for fun, I just haven’t had the time yet; The Scarlet Letter, My Booky Wook (Yay for Russel Brand), Kiss of the Highlander… the list goes on…

Try Some New Hair Styles: For the amount of magazines I have, I really should have a different hair do everyday… Seriously. But alas, I’ve lost the battle with the curling iron too many times and my spirits have been crushed… but this month, it’s on.ut just haven’t gotten around to. Hopefully I’ll get that in.

 Take Some Winter Photography: I’ve got my summer staples in my album, time for some frosty pics.

So anywho, there’s December for you… Wish me luck! And remember, if you have anything you want me to try doing challenge me! Leave a comment, let’s see how I do. 🙂

One response to ““Love is More Than Just a Game for Two…”

  1. ceciliag December 4, 2011 at 6:15 pm

    I love your list, i hope you can fit it all in.. there is not much time left but I think it is doable! c

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